Our tools strengthen your community, and empower your organization.

Who We Are

We believe in people.

At mapped digital, we choose to work with organizations that make a difference everyday in the lives of real people. We are passionate advocates, helping you strengthen your community and empower your organization.

Our twenty years of digital experience in social justice work informs everything we do, from enhancing campaigns, communications and issue awareness. We know what’s needed to bring progress and change.  

Tools & Services

Digital Community Mapping

We know the power of community, and the power of knowing your community. Our digital community mapping process analyzes how your community interacts with your organization digitally, whether it’s on your website, through campaigns, e-mail, social media, or all of the above. Giving you a roadmap to move forward.


Our latest chapter website tool enhances digital experiences for organizations with a membership structure of chapters and branches. chapterfi is a website management system that allows your organization’s membership chapters to have a customizable online presence. 


Why Get Mapped

Is growing your organization important to you? Increasing your membership? Getting your message out?

Digital community mapping is the first step to getting a big picture view of your community and recommendations to address specific areas, all with increasing engagement and empowering your organization as the goal.  DCM can be done for the web, social media, e-mail, campaigns + more.